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Overflowing Toilet

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    Overflowing Toilet

    There are many items that can clog your drains and potentially cause your sewer to back up. This may include food waste, hard water deposits, sanitary products, and much more. If you have a slow or backed up drain, or may be an odor coming from your drain, call us today for sewer and drain video inspection. Knight & Day USA Plumbing staff is ready to assist you with all your needs regarding sanitary installation.


    We offer sewer system inspection, repair, and replacement. Our expert plumbing technicians will run a complete inspection of the lines, using the latest in camera technology to identify the problem and provide you with an estimate to repair the problem. We generally clear most sewer system stoppages, assuming the damage is not too severe. In the event the lines have been completely compromised, we can also install new sewer lines to replace any or all of the damaged sections.

    Stuck with sewer damage or overflowing toilet? What are you waiting for? Let us solve this for you!