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Water Filter Cleaning

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    Water Filter Cleaning

    Hard water is not only harsh on your hair and skin but also on dishes and faucets. It has a high mineral content, which is generally caused by the large amounts of calcium. It causes your hair and skin to become itchy & dry. It also affects your fabrics making them fade and your dishes becoming spotty. It also makes your faucets and fixtures to be covered in hard-to-remove, chalky, white buildup. Hard water has a damaging effect nearly on almost every part of your plumbing systems, including in the pipes and hot water tank.


    Luckily, you can make hard water go away by softening or filtering it. Knight & Day USA offers our customers affordable water softener installation to prevent further damage from hard water.


    A water softener filters out mineral ions as well as exchanges them with sodium bicarbonate (not sodium chloride) ions which makes the water more conducive to cleaning. After this exchange, the water softener goes through a regeneration to flush out any extra ions there. In recent years, new technologies have also reduced the amount of water needed for regeneration and flushing.


    While taking a bath or shower, you can experience a striking difference in the way your skin feels after water filter cleaning. It will be smoother and softer which makes your soap produce significantly more bubbles. You will love the spa-like effect of soft water.

    Want soft water for usage and filtered water for drinking? Knight & Day have your back. Let us know!