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Water Heater Installation

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    Water Heater Installation

    Has your hot water heater stopped working or you are looking for a new one to be installed? There is nothing worse than having to settle for a cold shower. So why settle when we are here for you 24/7?! Call the trusted plumbers at Knight & Day USA. We are trained to diagnose the problem and get your hot water repaired quickly.


    We also install gas, electric, heat pump, high efficiency and tankless or on-demand water heaters.


    We have never realized how significant water heaters are for our everyday usage until they are on the fritz. We need them for so many tasks such as taking showers, washing laundry, and doing the dishes. At Knight & Day Plumbing Services, we are here to ensure that you do not have to suffer without a working water heater for too long. Our water heater technicians in the USA have handled every kind of plumbing service there is and are here to help you. Whether you need a simple repair, or it is time for a huge replacement, you can count on us to have your hot water back as swiftly as possible.


    Reach out to our water heater specialists for an inspection if you notice any of the following:

    Irregular changes in water temperatures
    Strange noises coming from your water heater
    Rusty, discolored water coming out of your taps and faucets
    Hot water running out too quickly
    Water leakage from your water heater

    Don’t like cold water in winters or need warm water any time? Connect with us today!